womansmilingpinkflowersWhat is dental bonding, you might wonder to yourself? This is a cosmetic treatment that is certainly a simple, streamlined option that is nice to have on hand if you find that you need it. The good news is that it’s quite versatile and budget-friendly, so learning a bit more can only benefit your current set of knowledge regarding our dental services. We are happy to provide you with a quick overview, so you know just what to make of bonding and its benefits.

About Bonding

In short, dental bonding is a cosmetic treatment that let’s us make it look as though you have more tooth tissue at the desired sites. To complete the process, we use something called composite, which is a sculpt-able material that mimics dental tissue. Once we match the shade to that of your tooth (or the desired whiteness), we will place it and shape it appropriately. To finish, a simple curing process and quick shine is all it takes.

Why Would I Want It?

You might want dental bonding because you have lost a little bit of tissue, which has resulted in a less than attractive effect on your smile. You may naturally have a small gap between two teeth that doesn’t require braces but that you don’t like. You might dislike a tooth or two as a result of their short stature, which is not in line with the rest of your teeth. Long story short: We can use bonding to lengthen a tooth, to fill in a space, to repair a chip, and to cover a blemish.