smilewhiteorangeflowerYou know you want to do something about your not-so-white-anymore smile but you aren’t too certain about the correct approach. While we offer a variety of cosmetic options to brighten up your smile, we often recommend teeth whitening for allover discoloration. To quell your curiosity and help you find out more regarding whether whitening might be just what you’ve been hoping to stumble upon, we offer you some highlights as an introduction.

It Gets Rid Of Your Stains

The goal of teeth whitening is to remove the discoloration that has caused your teeth to appear yellow or dark. By applying bleaching gel to your teeth, the treatment essentially breaks up and demolishes the stains through a gentle oxidation process. Your teeth remain nice and healthy and, in the end, look much cleaner and whiter.

It’s Not For Everyone

We offer teeth whitening for patients with extrinsic discoloration. This means that your issues are within the outer tissue layer of your teeth. If you are dealing with intrinsic staining (deep discoloration, commonly caused by medication side effects or injury), then we may determine that veneers are a much better choice. The best way to find out? Come in to see our team for a cosmetic consultation, so we can plan your future, glowing grin.

We Will Customize It

You have different choices when it comes to your teeth whitening. For some, we may suggest that you schedule an appointment with us for an accelerated treatment in our office. For others, the best plan may be to send you off with take-home teeth whitening trays, which you will use over the course of approximately 10 to 14 days. Customization means we can address your personal needs, while maintaining your healthy smile.