questionmarkyellowDo you have questions about dental bridges that you would like answered before you feel comfortable deciding whether it’s the right choice for you? Beyond the very most essential facts, such as the detail that you may only replace one or up to three teeth that sit side-by-side with a bridge, are there some additional details you’d like to learn about? We love to know you feel knowledgeable and we like to help! Feel free to ask your questions of us in person. For the present moment, we’ll begin your education with a session of questions and answers.

Questions and Answers

Question: Am I going to have to take my dental bridge out to clean it like the care required of a partial denture? Or is this a different type of device?

Answer: This is a fixed device (you cannot remove it) whereas a partial is a removable device (you may remove it). As a result, you will be brushing and flossing as usual, though you may need to tweak your flossing habits a bit to clean between your gum tissue and the bridge.

Question: Will I be able to wear my dental bridge for several years before I have to think about repairing or replacing it? Or, is a bridge a short-lived option for replacing my missing teeth?

Answer: You may wear the bridge for quite some time. Keep your preventive care in check and it should stick around for 10 years or more.

Question: Do you offer only traditionally supported bridges? Or, may I choose an implant-supported bridge if I want one?

Answer: We offer both. You may choose to rely on your teeth for support. Or, you may decide that you want to incorporate dental implants as a means of supporting your dental bridge.