whyrainbowAre you wondering why we have suggested a dental extraction for you? Do you assume that it’s a restorative treatment you can skip? The good news is that when you understand the need for tooth removal, it all becomes clear. The bad news is that if you figure it all out too late, you could end up with some serious, costly consequences on your hands. Consider the reasons extractions are so important. As a result, if you need one, you can quickly come in for a visit to get your oral health back on track (without running into unnecessary complications).

Avoiding Extractions Yields Serious Consequences

You wonder to yourself what might happen if you ignore our recommendation for a dental extraction. Perhaps you think to yourself that your tooth might hurt a little or it might break a little but that it can’t be that bad. What you overlook is the fact that side effects may become severe, potentially including the following:

  • Your tooth may break severely, leaving you in discomfort and a greater need of an extraction
  • If an infection is present, it may worsen, it can spread, it can affect your entire smile, it can end up in your bloodstream, it may abscess, and it may make you sick!
  • You may end up spending additional funds if the complications of avoiding a tooth extraction mean you require additional treatments to achieve oral health once more

Choosing An Extraction Protects Your Smile

You may have begun to realize that a dental extraction can protect your smile from all types of negative complications. As for the beneficial details to focus on, we suggest you think over the following:

  • Removing a tooth can protect your smile and remove any discomfort you’re experiencing
  • Extracting your tooth can prevent future damage (whether the spread of infection or otherwise)
  • We can quickly take the tooth out and begin plans of replacing it, so you can regain a healthy smile without any trauma